The 2019 NatureTrack Film Festival features filmmakers selected from all over the world.

Altay: Wild Snow
Birds of the Lakes Return
From Golf Course to Wetland
Last of the Big Tuskers
NatureRX Presents the LivingPlant™ - Rediscover the Future Today
Our Last Trash
Sons of Enkai
The Amazing Coral Lifecycle
The High Sierra Trail
The Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle
Trail Heads
Volkswagen presents Warren Miller's "Face of Winter"
Wild Toddler Chronicles
A Nordic Skater
Boy Nomad
In the Starlight
Lean Against the Wind
NatureRX Presents the LivingPlant™ - Product Research
Persian Powder
Stone Giants
The Australian Giant Cuttlefish
The Patterns of the Ocean
The Human Element
Trial by Fire
A Sense of Wonder
Clay Bolt
Evolution in Isolation
India's Healing Forest
Loved by All: The Story of Apa Sherpa
Never Too Young
Rodents of Unusual Size
The Elephant's Song
The Last King of India
The Tree Farmer
We are the Rovers - NORWAY
A Word to the Wise
Crane Story from Hortobagy
Forbidden Zone - Wildlife on the Battlefield
Into the Arctic: Awakening
Natural Flow
No Man's Land - Expedition Antarctica
Rooted - The Rock Splitter
The Adventures of Zack and Molly
The Great Pretender
The Malaysian Snake Guardian
Tobias Tatu
Voice of a River
White Wolves - Ghosts of the Arctic