BALLY Peak Outlook Everest Cleanup Expedition

BALLY Peak Outlook Everest Cleanup Expedition

Director: Samir Jung Thapa
Country of Origin: Switzerland

Bally’s long-lasting tie to the mountains is deeply rooted in its Alpine origins and pioneering legacy. Inspired by this heritage, Peak Outlook marks Bally’s long-term commitment to preserve the world’s most extreme mountain environments.

The initiative began in Spring 2019 with the sponsorship of a critical clean-up expedition to the summit of Mount Everest , reaching the Earth’s highest peak on 21st May. Led by Dawa Steven Sherpa and his team of experienced climbers and guides, all of whom are native to Nepal’s high Himalayas, the expedition successfully removed 2 tons of waste, helping to restore the pristine landscape between Everest Base Camp and its iconic peak.

While previous clean-ups have been limited to areas between Base Camp and Everest’s mid-point at Camp 2, Bally’s expedition reached the summit. The first ton of debris and waste was collected during the initial expedition, with over half cleaned up in the Death Zone – above 8000m. A second ton was collected by an additional crew who returned to Base Camp at the season’s end. This is the first time ever that a clean-up has been initiated at the end of the season.

The initiative also engaged Jamling Tenzing Norgay, son of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who while wearing Bally boots made history in first reaching Mount Everest’s summit alongside Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953.

Mr. Samir Jung Thapa is an Everest Summiteer and an active alpinist in the Himalayas Area. His passion for filmmaking and photography led him to establish Clickman production, a production company specialized the environment sector – from climate change to wildlife, covering humanitarian works in Nepal and on International grounds. Mr. Samir Jung Thapa with Clickman works with well-recognized Institutions around the globe. To name a few – World Wildlife Fund (WWF), United Nations (UN), USAID, International Center for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Asian Development Bank (ADB), ICCO Cooperation, and SNV Netherlands Development Organization.

Samir Jung Thapa Samir Jung Thapa 4 Producer: Clikman Production
Key Cast: Nanga Dorje Sherpa