Bicycle Hero

Director: Gopal Shivakoti
Country of Origin: Nepal

On November 29, 1998, Pushkar Shah (25, Nepali) set off for a world bicycle tour with the message of peace, he cycled around 150 different countries and collected their national flags.

While in New Zealand, he met Sir Edmund Hillary, who bought him a new bicycle. In another incident in Mexico, he was kidnapped and taken 180 km inside a jungle. He assaulted his captors and escaped.

He cycled for 11 years and covered 2,21,000 km. Reached all continents, bathed in all 7 oceans. Touched all the 7 wonders of the world. On May 17, 2010, Pushkar successfully summited the Mt. Everest with his collection of flags (from around the world.)

Pushkar is currently in Nepal, motivating and inspiring youths to ride bicycles.
He has also been advocating for bicycle lanes and bicycle tourism in Nepal. Gopal Shivakoti is a documentary filmmaker from Nepal.
He has been working in films and digital media since 2004. Primarily he is a visual editor who also does 2D animation, motion-graphics, and filming. He is a key resource person at “Young-Cuts! the filmmaking workshop” (in Kathmandu) for the past five years. His hobbies include Ethnology and documentary filming. Gopal Shivakoti Gopal Shivakoti Poster da8934b269-poster Producer: Gopal Shivakoti
Writer: Gopal Shivakoti
Key Cast: Pushkar Shah