Come Hell or High Water

Director: Keith Malloy
Country of Origin: United States

Come Hell or High Water travels to oceans around the world showcasing body surfing’s characters, pioneers, and innovators along with the simplicity and beauty of the sport. It’s about taking a breath and kicking your feet in the big blue sea. The movie, shot mainly on 16 millimeter film, spans the globe from Tahiti to Fiji, to Montana, Hawaii, and California. The movie dives into the underground sport that most people know little about.

Not only does Come Hell or High Water have incredible underwater imagery, it will wrench your heart as well as make you laugh!

Producer: Michael Pizzo
Music composed by: Todd Hannigan, Jason Frazier, and Fernando Apodaca
Cinematography: Scott Soens, David Homcy, and Jeff Hornbaker
Cast: Mike Stewart, Fred Simpson, and Mark Cunningham