Crane Story from Hortobágy

Director: István Lugosi
Country of Origin: Hungary

In this delightful animated film, the Crane family is moving. Their destination is the Hortobágy plain, a colorful island habitat full of life. Their little boy, however, knows nothing of the new world in which he finds himself. He sets out to discover his new home, and as he wanders, he meets an array of witty, interesting creatures, including one who becomes a close friend.

Lugosi studied graphic design at Jaschik Álmos art school, then spent a semester at Illyés Art Academy, studying animation. In 2016, he received his diploma in animation at MOME, Budapest, and currently is a director of a short movie at the Kecskemétfilm Studio.

Writer: Dorottya Pálfavi
Writer: István Lugosi
Producer: Ferenc Mikulás
Key Cast (background): Emese Szűcs
Key Cast (camera): János Cseh
Key Cast (camera): György Nagy
Key Cast (animation): László Király
Key Cast (animation): Gábor Matyi
Key Cast (animation): Piroska Martsa
Key Cast (animation): Manó Megyeri
Key Cast (animation): Zsuzsanna Nyúl
Key Cast (animation): Hermann Pasitka
Key Cast (animation): Oszkár Prell
Key Cast (animation): János Csiga Szabó
Key Cast (animation): Márton Szűcs
Key Cast (animation): László István Tóth
Key Cast (animation): Roland Tóth
Key Cast (animation): János Uzsák
Key Cast (animation): Szabolcs Zeke
Editor: Vanda Gorácz
Sound: Imre Madácsi
Music: Csaba Kalotás