Director: Yeliz Motor
Producer: Catherine Nelson
Country of Origin: United States

Searching for serenity, a determined little girl escapes into the wilderness. Her journey ends, only when she is wild enough to become a part of it.

Yeliz Motro is an animator, originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Graduated from SCAD Atlanta, she is an avid traveller, with her art frequently taking inspiration from concepts of childish curiosity and adventurous wonder.

Yeliz Motro Yeliz Motro Escape Producer: Catherine Nelson
Art Director: Misha Freyberger
Concept Development: Yeliz Motor, Asha Sanford, Christina Pham, and Amario André
Additional Concept Development: Misha Freyberger, Josh Riccio, and Kristen Hamby
3D Animators: Atman Rainy, Yeliz Motor, Catherine Nelson, Jun Sui, Joey Paone, Christina Pham, Erin Gage, Elvin Özşahin, Myles Lott
2D Character Animator: Garrett Ray
2D Rigging: Margo Pierce and Kristen Hamby
FX Animation: Mark Mette, Shares Foster, Emily Rodriguez, Leigh Huddle, Adrian Ferma, Jay Patel, and Catherine Nelson
Lead Background Artist: Misha Freyberger
Background Artists: Jiaxin (Sally) Liu, Jennifer Ober, Nghi Lu
Additional Background Artist: Elvin Özşahin
Lead Character Modeler: Elvin Özşahin
Modeling: Addie Souter
Lead Rigger: Cali Pareja
Facial Rigger: Davies Rushing
Body Rigger: Guarav Dora
Textures: Elvin Özşahin, Misha Freyberger, Kristen Hamby, and Nghi Lu
Lighting: Drew Womble, Josh Riccio, Christina Pham, Chattering Nelson, Jay Patel, and Deepthi Divakaran
Shading: Deepthi Divakaran and Drew Womble
Compositors: Yeliz Motor, Elvin Özşahin, Josh Riccio, Helena Cyc, Chile Ekwonu, and Drew Womble
Lead Sound Design and Music: Gio Turra
Vocals: Robert Nicastro
Foley: Michael MacWilliams
Additional Help: Carolina Cequini, Shaohua Chen, Sharon Chen, Dylan Collard, Mecko Gibson, Dallas Kirkland, Adam Levesque, Paulo Mukherjee, Courtney Meyers, Caroline Palaez, Vidaya Persuad, Brittli Redlberger, Gabrielle Robinson, Alessandre Tanase, Brianna Wade, Mitch Waldman, Maya Williamson, and Masha Zhandova