Everyday Cyclists: Challenging Prejudice

Director: Bidit Roy
Country of Origin: India

The story of Devendra Yadav, an IT professional from Pune, India, who believes in ‘being a part of the solution and not pollution’. Overcoming several challenges he has committed himself to everyday cycling.

Director’s Statement:

“There are many people who can do big things, but there are very few people who will do small things” – Mother Teresa

With rapid expansion of the city and the booming IT and industrial hub, the air quality of Pune is fast deteriorating. Daily inclusion of new vehicles on the roads are leading to congestion and traffic snarls. Most of us know that our planet is warming up and climate is changing at an unprecedented rate. While we only seek government intervention in fixing up these issues – rarely do we work on the solution at a personal level.

Devendra Yadav is one such professional who stood up to the challenge of commuting on his bicycle everyday despite the ‘unfriendly’ roads and terrain. His journey hasn’t been easy. Watch how he commits himself to ‘becoming a part of the solution and not the pollution’.

Bidit Roy Bidit Roy Everyday Cyclists - Challenging Prejudice Producer: Bidit Roy
Key Cast: Devendra Yadav