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The NatureTrack Film Festival continues to have the films that you want to see! Capturing  life on and under the water, our directors bring you interesting personal stories, explorations of life seldom seen, and introductions to areas that will inspire you to get out and explore the natural world around you.

Don’t miss an extraordinary weekend, March 22-24, 2019!
Lauren Spalding for Yeti. Lauren Spalding for Yeti.

Director Andrew Schoenberger expertly highlights the indomitable spirit of Champion paddler Lauren Spaulding in his movie, Lean Against the Wind. Through interviews with Lauren, her family, and friends, Schoenberger invites us in to see what goes into the making of a true athletic champion.

Director Vanessa Cara-Kerr brings us an intimate look at one of nature’s seldom seen events in The Amazing Coral Lifecycle – From Dusk till Spawn. How do corals time their spawning to the exact moment once a year? And to see a coral egg develope into a baby coral that actually MOVES around the reef to search for a perfect place to build its home – a new coral colony – is just mind blowing!

Director John Dutton highlights the importance of migrating sea turtles in The Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle. After NOAA research scientists attach a satellite transmitter on a critically endangered Pacific leatherback sea turtle feeding on the giant jellyfish in the nutrient-rich waters of Monterey Bay, California, they uncover an unprecedented epic 7,000-mile migration across the Pacific to the leatherback’s remote nesting beaches in Indonesia.

A festival with a cause…

Founded by Sue Eisaguirre, NatureTrack introduces school children to outdoor spaces from the seashore to the inland oak woodlands of Santa Barbara County by providing cost-free outdoor field trips. Utilizing local trails and beaches throughout the county, NatureTrack instills students with leadership skills, attitudes and habits for lifelong learning, inspiring them to be respectful stewards of the natural world. Since 2011, over 18,000 students have had the opportunity to experience a NatureTrack field trip. Demand for the curriculum coordinated program has increased every year with teachers praising the docent-led excursions that align with classroom instruction.

Sue was inspired to bring her outdoor vision indoors and onscreen at the NatureTrack Film Festival so more people could enjoy and appreciate what her docents and students practice and experience in their outdoor “classrooms.”

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