Director: John M. Mastriano
Country of Origin: United States

John Thomas Mastriano lost his hard-fought battle with cancer on October 25, 1989, at the age of 31. He was my dad. I was too young to remember much about him, but I was lucky enough to grow up surrounded by many people who knew him well and enjoyed telling stories about him. Fathers can guide you through life in all sorts of ways. This is a story about me and my father’s shared passion for nature, wildlife and exploration and how learning about him guided me to that passion.

Director’s Statement:

I wanted to use my own personal experience to inspire people to find inspiration and fulfillment in the wake of great loss.

John Mastriano John Mastriano Guidance_Still_06 Producer: John M. Mastriano
Writer: John M. Mastriano
Director of Photography: John M. Mastriano
Editor: John M. Mastriano