Directors: Sophie Ballagh and Ewan Blyth
Country of Origin: Antarctica
Two People, two weeks, two kayaks.
Sophie and Ewan took a journey beyond wilderness, a self supported journey via sea kayak to connect with an uninhabited land of ice and penguins.
The film takes you with them on their journey from the preparations of planning such an expedition, through the challenges and riding the highs of Antarctica.

Together, Ewan and Sophie have insatiable appetite for exploration, self-discovery and living a life that embraces all that they have and all that they are. Their strengths in life and in the outdoors are highly complimentary and have seen them build a partnership of solid technical skills and knowledge, sound risk management and calculated decision making. And through these shared and combined values, they worked together and have tackled numerous adventures together in many corners of the globe, always a solid team in even the most demanding scenarios.

Sophie Ballagh Sophie Ballagh Ewan Blyth Ewan Blyth Producers: Sophie Ballagh, Ewan Blyth, Mathew Farrell – Flowstate Photography
Writer: Sarah Abbott
Key Cast: Sophie Ballagh and Ewan Blyth