Into the Arctic: Awakening

(Fine Cut)

Director: Cory Trépanier
Country of Origin: Canada

Untamed beauty and the lure of the North have drawn artist Cory Trépanier to paint the Canadian Arctic for over a decade.

Preparing for a touring exhibition to premiere in Washington DC, he now heads back on an expedition to complete his vision.

But much has changed since he first went North. Shrinking sea ice is opening the door to a world hungry for its resources. Remoteness can no longer protect this land or its people from the coming impacts.

For 9 weeks and 25,000 kilometres, Cory immerses himself into the Arctic. Explores with Inuit elders. Paddles the most northerly canoe route in North America. Walks in the footsteps of early explorers John Rae and John Franklin. Voyages through the Northwest Passage. And deeply connects with a changing land, to bring it to the eyes of those who may never see it.

With the future of the North at a crossroads, can a simple stick and some bristle paint the Arctic into the hearts and minds of others, so far away?

Executive Producer: Cory Trépanier
Executive Producer: David Carravagio
Executive Producer: Bob and Barb Elwood
Co-Producers: Douglas and Gail Fleck
Writer: Cory Trépanier
Editing: Justin Hall
Editing: Cory Trépanier
Videography: Ryan Bray
Videography: Matthew Watts
Videography: Joshua Ausley
Music by: Rob Teehan
Story Consultant: Craig Colby
Motion Graphics: R. Hamilton Media
Sound Post: John D. Smith – Sound Supervisor, Sound Dogs Toronto
Sound Post: Jason McNeill, Sound Designer, Sound Dogs Toronto
Sound Post: James Robinson, Sound Effects Editor, Sound Dogs Toronto
Sound Post: Victor Espinoza-Aguilar, 1st Assistant Sound Editor, Sound Dogs Toronto
Sound Post: Colin McLellan, Re-recording Mixers, Deluxe Toronto
Sound Post: Mark Zsifkovits, Re-recording Mixers, Deluxe Toronto
Sound Post: Devon Doucette, ADR Mixer, Deluxe Toronto
Narration Supervisor: Janet Trépanier
Music Supervisor Andi Trépanier
Additional Music by: Erica Procunier
Additional Music by: Wendy Solomon, Cello
Additional Music by: Emer Kinsella, Music Preparation
Archival Image Research/Copyright Acquisition Assistant: Kimberley Rush-Duyguluier