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Director: Rafael Pease
Country of Origin: Chili

Narrated by Füta Mawida – ‘Great Mountain’ in the Mapuche language of Mapundungun – this is a story of our fragile relationship with nature. Rough seas, impenetrable jungle, and relentless rain greet the team as they draw near the iconic Volcan Corcovado. A resounding truth echoes across Patagonia’s unpredictable terrain: we are visitors to this land, with much to learn.

Director Biography:

Rafael Pease is a young (26) filmmaker who uses his background in the sciences, activism and professional career as a snowboard mountaineer to create documentaries. With his first film Yūgen being shown in over 40 countries he has decided to continue this path of inspiration and education through film.

Director Rafael Pease Director Rafael Pease Producer: Rafael Pease
Editor: Danielle Tomasello
Writer: Rafael Pease