Justin Bogardus+TEDx+NatureRx+Maytheforestbewithyou

NatureRX Presents the LivingPlantâ„¢
– Product Research

Director: Justin Bogardus
Country of Origin: United States

In the not too distant future, a breakthrough in workspace technology will revolutionize the ways humans collaborate and work. This game-changing workspace technology is so powerful, so ahead of its time, and yet so familiar, intuitive and appealing – it’s a wonder we didn’t see it the whole time…rediscover the future today.

Producer: NatureRX and Green Plants for Green Buildings, and National Horticulture Foundation
Co-Producers: Dance Crawford, Lauren Taylor, and Kat Haber
Executive Producers: Mike Senneff, Mary Golden, and Jeremy Dearringer
Starring: Jim Walker
Written by: Justin Bogardus
Additional Writing by: Jim Walker
Camera: Garret Creamer, Kody Kohlman, Lilah Strauss, and David Chang