March 22-24, 2019 is going to be a great weekend in Los Olivos!

Visit the NatureTrack Film Festival website to check out the list of official selections. In addition to those posted January 1st, we’ve added two new films, Stumped and Persian Powder. Both films offer insight and positive counter points to what many would consider challenges.

Stumped was directed by Cedar Wright and Taylor Keating, two Boulder adventure filmmakers. Cedar is a longtime professional climber for The North Face and has married his love for adventure with his love for storytelling. Taylor is also a climber, but makes a grand total of $0 for doing so. Their film Stumped  follows Maureen Beck, a professional adaptive climber born missing her lower left arm, who hasn’t let anything stop her from achieving her goals. Fueled by humor, grit, Oreos, and beer, Maureen embraces her unique abilities to puzzle out routes to the top. In an article written by Faith Bar for Shape Magazine, Maureen says, “It’s different, but I don’t think it’s as hard as some people may think…It’s all about solving a puzzle with your body—so essentially someone who is five-foot is going to approach a climb differently than someone who’s six-foot because everybody’s body is different. We are all as limited and unlimited in climbing as we make ourselves.”

Persian Powder was directed by Erik Bulckens. An avid snowboarder, Erik brings his focus to a mini-documentary about Iranian pro snowboarder Mona Seraji who invites two Australian friends to go snowboarding with her in the mountains above Tehran. While the 3 friends enjoy carving down the mountainside, the film also provides a glimpse of a country and culture we hear very little about.

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On March 22-24, 2019 we invite everyone to enjoy a Film Festival which supports the next generation of empowered nature lovers!

A festival with a cause…

Founded by Sue Eisaguirre, NatureTrack introduces school children to outdoor spaces from the seashore to the inland oak woodlands of Santa Barbara County by providing cost-free outdoor field trips. Utilizing local trails and beaches throughout the county, NatureTrack instills students with leadership skills, attitudes and habits for lifelong learning, inspiring them to be respectful stewards of the natural world. Since 2011, over 18,000 students have had the opportunity to experience a NatureTrack field trip. Demand for the curriculum coordinated program has increased every year with teachers praising the docent-led excursions that align with classroom instruction.

Sue was inspired to bring her outdoor vision indoors and onscreen at the NatureTrack Film Festival so more people could enjoy and appreciate what her docents and students practice and experience in their outdoor “classrooms.”

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