This coming March 22-24, 2019…

Below are a couple more sneak peeks from returning filmmakers Henrik S. Schmitt and Chris Smead.
January 1, 2019, visit to see more of the films planned for March 22-24, 2019.

Henrik S. Schmitt: The Patterns of the Ocean

In 2018 audiences were intrigued with, We Live Underwater, by Henrik S. Schmitt, which focused on important work being done to build artificial reefs on an Indonesian island. In 2019, the NatureTrack Film Festival is proud to present another of Schmitt’s important films The Patterns of the Ocean. With very low reproductive rates, manta rays are extremely vulnerable to environmental changes and pressure from fisheries. Manta ray gills have been purported to have unfounded medicinal properties and, within only a couple of years, the demand had a negative impact on population numbers. Schmitt explores how the impact of “citizen science” helped lead to the creation of a manta sanctuary to help in their recovery. In addition, mantas are being used as an umbrella species in the fight against marine plastic pollution! Don’t miss this interesting expose on the fate of the manta ray.

Chris Smead: The High Sierra Trail

Chris Smead

Chris Smead brought his touching and humorous hiking adventure with wife “Muzzy”, Rae Lakes, to our audiences in 2018. Not only was the film charming, but Chris and Erin were on hand to answer questions and talk about their experiences.  We are thrilled that Chris and Erin will be joining NTFF in Los Olivos again March 22-24, 2019, to talk about Chris’ latest film The High Sierra Trail. Chris relates that this “…exciting documentary bounces back and forth between the modern experience of hiking the high sierra trail and the early 1900s when the trail was created.” Together with friend John, the 6-day journey in the Sierra Nevada is beautiful, exasperating, educational and, as always, amusing. For those who love to hike, this is another must-see film during the NatureTrack Film Festival.

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