North of Nightfall

Director: Jeremy Grant
Country of Origin: USA

Hidden among the glaciers, high in the Arctic Circle are mountain bike lines too incredible to ignore. Harsh temperatures, volatile weather and nine-month winters mean that the area is normally devoid of human life. But each summer, this frozen landscape flourishes under endless daylight, revealing a spectacular ecosystem. Here the riders discover a changing environment steeped in history, along with challenging descents unlike anything anyone’s ridden to date. Their goal; to explore, build up to, and ride the biggest lines ever. The adventure will not only test their skill, but also their sanity, as they attempt to push freeriding’s progression 12-hours from the nearest hospital during days without a beginning or end.

Producers: Clark Fyans and Shin Campos
Starring: Darren Berrecloth, Carson Storch, Tom Van Steenbergen and Cam Zink