Published in 2010 by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), this entertaining film titled Not Another Nature Film narrated by Stephen Merchant was used to explain the significance of the findings in WWF’s 2010 Planet Report.

The production of this animation is a great reminder of the impact a well-produced film can have on an audience. Since its release in October of 2010, this video has been viewed over 33,000 times – which isn’t an astounding number of times for a viral video – but pretty good for a “report.” And, when viewing it for the first time almost 9 years later, its content remains relevant and humorous.

The filmmakers who submit to the NatureTrack Film Festival also have important subjects to document and inspiring points of view. While this report focuses on the significant impact humans are having on the planet, NTFF tries to include films that highlight people or groups who are working to mitigate those impacts so that future generations can enjoy what we enjoy today.

The NatureTrack Film Festival is proud to bring a well thought out program of films centered around the idea of “igniting passion for nature” – whether through conservation, adventure, biographies, or thrilling escapades. We look forward to looking at new content as told through the eyes of seasoned directors, new directors, and those who are students still learning their craft. The films we select range from feature length to shorts (40-min or under) and we always hope to have a good representation of animation.

Submission for the 2020 festival opens on FilmFreeway June 1, 2019 – and we can’t wait to see what new, inspiring stories are offered!

WWF releases a Living Planet Report every two years, with the most recent one being posted in 2018.

Not Another Nature Film
Script: Martin Atkin, Verity Cowper, Stephen Merchant, Ade Thomas, Dominik Webb
Sound Effects: Music Maze
Storyboard: Glenda Duarte
Illustrations: Glenda Duarte, Loic Jaussaud, Dominik Webb
Animation: Luke Best, Loic Jaussaud, Dominik Webb
Creative Director: Dominik Webb
Producer: Verity Cowper
Executive Producer: Martin Atkin

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