Tuesday, NTFF Directors Sue, KC, and Holly, along with Sue’s brother Mike, arrived at the Denver Summer Retailer Market. They met up at the “Big Blue Bear” outside the convention center and then plunged in to explore and make connections.

The Convention center is a 3-level building and every square inch is taken up with booths demonstrating the latest products and gear for the outdoor market. It was fascinating to see the variety and to talk with people about their products. It quickly became apparent that even though there were 4 of them, there would be no way to cover the entire market – although they promised themselves to do their best!

They were very excited to meet up with a few of the sponsors from this past NTFF event in Los Olivos!


MPOWERD had a beautiful display of their inflatable solar lanterns. Those of you who attended the film festival this year, may remember their lanterns lighting up walkways and the Base Camp tent in Lavinia Park. They have come out with some new models that are very exciting and we look forward to sharing them at the #2020NTFF event March 20-22, 2020. Be sure to go to their website mpowerd.com to check out their latest products! #mpowerd #makingadifference


4Ocean had a wonderful sculpture on display made out of plastic trash. The juxtaposition of artistry made out of materials that are so harmful to our oceans, created mixed emotions to those viewing it.

We are so excited that 4Ocean has become a partner with the NatureTrack Film Festival, and encourage everyone to check out their website 4ocean.com and learn more. #4ocean #makingadifference


FinalStraw was also at the Summer Market for the first time! They had a fun and lively booth, which included a great mermaid! It was wonderful to connect with these ambitious ladies and hear about their latest endeavors and product enhancements. They said their inaugural presence at the market was going great! Be sure to go to their website final straw.com to learn more about how to “suck responsibly”! #finalstraw #makingadifference

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