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One Breath Around the World

One Breath Around the World

Director: Guillaume Néry
Country of Origin: France

French apnea champion Guillaume Néry and his also free driver wife Julie Gautier take viewers on an underwater odyssey across the globe. Shooting in locations from Mauritius to Mexico to Japan and many stops in between, Néry and Gautier draw on their extensive experience to explore submerged ruins, swim beneath a thick sheet of ice, mingle with a pod of sleeping sperm whales. In the process, they capture mesmerizing images of parts of the planet unseen by most of its human inhabitants.

Its objective is to raise awareness about the care of our ocean, showing its wildest and most amazing side. As the director says, "when you like something, you take care of it", that is precisely the intention of this short film.

Guillaume Néry
Guillaume Néry
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Producer: Almo Film
Writer: Guillaume Néry and Julie Gautier
Key Cast: Guillaume Néry