The NatureTrack Film Festival supports One Cause
– the NatureTrack Foundation.

Kids puzzling the mysteries of nature; that’s our story and we make it happen over 4000+ times a year. We transport students outside, successfully engage their enthusiasm to focus on wild things like bird songs, animal tracks, and bones. We load their brains with nature, relating field science to school standards. They return to their teacher more curious and better grounded to ask the intelligent questions and make better decisions tomorrow about our planet. FREE NatureTrack field trips fill the school budget gap with ingenuity and wonder!

We even cover the costs of getting there.

Our mission at NatureTrack Foundation is to instill students with the leadership skills, attitudes, and habits for lifelong learning and inspire them to be respectful stewards of our natural world.

The not-for-profit NatureTrack advocates the educational approach of noted author and educator David Sobel that fosters a child’s love of the earth while also developing a child’s academic and social competence. David Sobel’s most recent book “Place-Based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities” offers scientific and anecdotal evidence that placed-based education is successfully meeting, and in many cases surpassing, the various standards and mandates that are increasingly a part of educational reform in this country.

Providing a “track” for youth to experience outdoor field trips

NatureTrack’s enthusiastic nature docents lead small groups of students through outdoor adventures, based on flow learning that uses their innate learning process to attach to the land where they live, and concepts that expand the class and text curriculum. We tailor the field trip to learning objectives that includes a variety of Santa Barbara locations appropriate for the topics chosen by teachers to augment classroom experience.

NatureTrack strives to inspire each student to be curious about the natural world and let nature lead the way.

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