Realm of the Robber

Directors: Moritz Katz and Braydon Moloney
Country of Origin: Germany

Thief by name and nature, the robber crab is a giant with a leg-span up to a metre and claws that can open coconuts. On the idyllic paradise of Christmas Island, these unruly tyrants hold the title of top predator. As we follow the life cycle of the robber crab, we learn that these crustaceans are much more than creepy crawlies, in many ways behaving more like mammals. Along the way, we encounter other species that have found their niche in the realm of the robber.

Poster 16db6bf79f-poster Photo by: Moritz Katz Photo by: Moritz Katz Producers: Alexander Haβkerl and Robert Morgenstern
Produced by: Atara Films and NDR
Writers: Moritz Katz and Braydon Moloney
Cinematography: Moritz Katz, Braydon Moloney, and Pim Niesten
Editor: Mirco Tribanek
Editing Assistance: Julie Lesurtel
Composer: Oliver Heuss
Foley & Sound Mix: Sven-Michael Bluhm
Narrator: Colin Solman
Production Manager: Xenia Thamm
Location Managers: Xenia Thamm, Kaschmir Zierl, Till Simons, and Mio Katz