Rooted: The Rock Splitter

Director: Barend van der Watt
Director: Henk Ekermans
Country of Origin: South Africa


The Namaqua Rock Fig Tree stands rooted on the slope of a rocky hill in Namaqualand, South Africa. It is the ultimate survivor, able to withstand the unforgiving conditions in a landscape facing ever rising temperatures and less and less rainfall each year. To endure the worst drought in over a hundred years it sends an aggressive root system deep into the earth to search for water. Not even stone can get in the way… it’s a rock splitter.

With the temperatures increasing steadily each year, the Rock Splitter sends its roots even deeper through the boulders in search of water. It’s the Ultimate survivor in this barren land.

Producer: Barend van der Watt
Writer: Henk Ekermanst
Cinematography: Barend van der Watt
Cinematography: Henk Ekermans
Composer: Antoni Schonken
Narrator: Fiona Ramsay
Editor: Henk Ekermans