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Six Mile Stretch

Director: Carol Chambers
Country of Origin: United States

This is a hand-painted film from the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. It is an artist’s response to the last wild six mile stretch of the Bear River that is under threat of inundation from a new dam planned for the river (Centennial Dam). There is a movement in the local community to stop the dam being built to protect this last bit of wilderness along its banks. The film is an artist’s response to this beautiful place, and is dedicated to all who strive to protect the remaining wild places of our world. The film is an oil painting animation.

Director’s Statement:

This film is a moving painting. It utilizes a combination of old and new techniques. Some of the scenes are animated with traditional hand-painted animation, using oils on canvas and painted cels. In the background scenery, the brushstrokes are made to move with newer, computer enhanced techniques.

Carol Chambers Carol Chambers Six Mile Stretch Producer: Carol Chambers
Writer: Carol Chambers
Creative Partner and Photographer: Brian Peasley
Background Animation and Video Editing: Dani Joy
Key Cast: Carol Chambers
Music: “Six Mile Stretch” written and performed by William Harvey
Music Produced and Engineered by: Gabe Pannell
Video Editing: Larry Huntington