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The NatureTrack Film Festival would like to thank MPOWERD™ for the generous donation of their amazing Luci Lux inflatable solar lights. These powerful little collapsible and light weight lights not only added joy to the recipients of the VIP swag bags, but their bright light also provided excellent way-finding toward the Gates Foss Center, St. Mark’s-in-the-Valley, and led visitors up to the NTFF Base Camp tent in Lavinia Campbell park.

Easily re-charged every day by placing in direct sunlight, the lights have several brightness settings, including one flashing option. MPOWERD™ says that “Luci lights have impacted over 1.6 million people in over 90 countries – providing clean, reliable light to those living without access to electricity.”

The NatureTrack Film Festival would also like to thank Montana Canvas for the donation of one of their Suite Model tents. Used as the NTFF Base Camp located in Lavinia Campbell park, and expertly furnished by Mia Dennee’s Interior Designs and Furnishings, the spacious tent was an attraction in and of itself! Visitors were welcomed in to learn more about the NatureTrack Foundation and the NatureTrack Film Festival. At night, the wood-fired stove provided a respite from the chill and was a good place to sit, chat, and get to know each other.

Montana Canvas is based in the Gallatin Valley of Southwestern Montana, they say “…our team is made up of real people who have spent years dedicated to perfecting their approach to building quality tents and tarps. We use only top-quality, Grade “A” canvas, reinforcing each seam with heavy-duty, double-needle stitching. Our enduring wax coating is the best in the industry.”

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