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The NatureTrack Film Festival is excited to welcome back Director Chris Smead and his Co-Director for Highline, Gordon Gurley, to the 2020 Festival in Los Olivos, March 20-22. Chris brought us Rae Lakes in 2018, The High Sierra Trail in 2019, and will be giving us a Southern California premiere of his first full-length film, Highline, this coming March. Chris is the founder of Outmersive Film.

We are very excited that both Chris and Gordon will be coming to the festival to give insight into the making of their film. One thing we can always expect when we watch a film produced and directed by Chris and his Outmersive team – we will learn more about the trail’s history, and we will want to grab our hiking boots and experience it for ourselves.

Highline follows 5 hikers as they traverse a lesser known mountain range in Utah called the Uinta (you-inta).  Viewers will experience the adventures and challenges along the way. Local archaeologist Tom Flanigan adds another layer of depth to the experience by sharing stories from the past and conveying the importance of this lesser known place. As the story progresses, viewers begin to learn more about the hikers, and why they choose to hike for days, weeks, and even months at a time. Stories of PTSD recovery, addiction recovery, health, and family issues are heavy topics in the film.

The Highline premiere in Utah brought 400 people to the showing, and back to back screenings in Salt Lake City were sold-out, as are 2 showings in Tennessee. It is clear that Outmersive is producing films that people want to see!

If you would like to know more about the “behind the scenes” adventures creating the Highline film, we recommend listening to Backcountry Exposure’s Backpacking Experience Podcast with Devin. A wonderful interview with Chris Smead.

Information on hiking the trail can be found here.

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We are adding more films to the festival!

In addition to the films that are selected from the hundreds submitted through FilmFreeway, the NTFF team also curates additional films that we feel would be of special interest to our guests.

So far, we are very pleased to announce that we have curated in the following excellent films!

Directed by Chris Smead

A feature length film about the Uinta Highline Trail

2018 NTFF “Rae Lakes” Film Documentary
2019 NTFF “The High Sierra Trail”
For most of human history, we lived in wild places.
Ten days. Five friends. One trek across Utah’s Uinta Highline Trail.
Watch as the ancient history of the trail is woven together with the personal history of each of the hikers as they get back in touch with the world, and each other. Rainier_in_pastel_light_-2

My Friends Were Mountaineers
Directed by Eric Beckeer

A short length film about Dee Molenaar

Dee Molenaar is an American mountaineer, artist, and cartographer who spent his life among the mountains. While celebrating his 100th birthday, the film explores his years working as a mountain guide and park ranger in Mount Rainer National Park, and the worldwide expeditions that he participated in, including the first ascent of Mount Kennedy along with Jim Whittaker and Robert Kennedy.

Warren Miller’s Timeless,
presented by Volkswagen

A feature length film about the Uinta Highline Trail

2018 NTFF “Line of Descent” & Warren Miller Tribute video
2019 NTFF Volkswagen presents Warren Miller’s “Face of Winter”

The only constant is change, but the spirit of winter is eternal. Featuring ski legends like Glen Plake, alongside newcomers Caite Zeliff, Jaelin Kauf, and Baker Boyd. Road-trip with rippers from Arlberg to the Matterhorn, be immersed in the hometown hill of Eldora and discover a different side of Jackson Hole, plus much more, as we celebrate 70 years of ski cinematography and travel with top athletes across the globe to renowned mountain locations.

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