The Great Pretender

Director: Nardine Groch
Country of Origin: United Kingdom

After the loss of an important display feather a famous Superb Lyrebird called ‘The Pretender’ struggles to win a mate during the most competitive song and dance competition in Australia.

Nardine is an Australian self-shooting researcher, journalist and sound recordist. She came to the UWE MA Wildlife Filmmaking course in the United Kingdom after working as a radio and online environmental journalist at the ABC in Australia. She has over ten years of experience as an animal presenter within Zoos and Museums and has a wealth of wildlife field experience in Australia, Scandinavia, South America and Africa. She recently produced and presented a radio documentary for ABC where she used her own classically trained soprano voice to compare whale, bird and human song.

Groch says, “I strive to tell truthful stories in new and creative ways that reveal the beauty of human-animal similarities and relationships.”

Producer: Nardine Groch
Editor: Nardine Groch
Narrator: Nardine Groch
Music: Alex Stoloff
Sound Recordings and Design: Nardine Groch
Dubbing Mixers: John Aldred
Dubbing Mixers: Michele Caruso