The Human

Director: Harko Wubs
Country of Origin: Netherlands

In this nature documentary we observe ‘the human’. A female goes to the food storage to hunt meat for her family. Even though there are plenty of sheep, chickens, pigs and cows at the food storage, the outcome of the hunt is by no means certain…

Director’s Statement:

Nature documentaries are defined as ‘films about all aspects of life, except the human being’. This definition echoes a fundamental distinction between humans and the rest of nature. Alongside this distinction goes the believe that nature and animals are there to serve mankind, and that humans stand above nature. However, in the light of massive climate change and exploited natural resources, it is about time for a new perspective on mankind and its place in nature.

Harko Wubs Harko Wubs Still1_The human at the parking space Producer: Harko Wubs
Writer: Harko Wubs
Narrator: Jeroen Kramer
Composer: Clemens Wijers
Drone Recordings: Filmed From Above
Sound: Abel Heijkamp
Key Cast: Ulrica de la Mar