The Middle Way

Director: Dean Leslie
Country of Origin: South Africa

Joe Grant set out from his doorstep in Gold Hill, Colorado to attempt to summit all 54 of Colorado’s 14000ft mountains in a single push. By bike and on foot, self-powered, self-supported… Alone. 1100 miles of riding, 400 miles of running and roughly 100 000 ft of climbing. The Middle Way is an intimate, inside, look into the highs and lows of Joe Grant’s “Tour de 14er” project.

“The camera ended up becoming this interesting way to externalize what I was thinking. At first, I was more self-conscious about saying the right thing. As the trip sort of went on, I didn’t really care anymore. With so much time alone, the camera became something like a friend” [Joe Grant]

Dean Leslie Dean Leslie Joe Grant Joe Grant Producer: Dean Leslie and Hannah Slezacek
Writer: Dean Leslie and Joe Grant
Key Cast: Joe Grant