The Patterns of the Ocean – Protecting Indonesia's Manta Rays (Trailer) from The Jetlagged on Vimeo.

The Patterns of the Ocean

Director: Hendrik S. Schmitt
Country of Origin: Germany

In their first full-length documentary, The Jetlagged accompany manta ray researcher Elitza Germanov (Marine Megafauna Foundation) on a field trip in Komodo in Indonesia. Manta ray numbers are declining because their gills have recently become a dubious trend in traditional Chinese Medicine. Numerous conservation efforts are taking place to protect the gentle ocean giants, including “Citizen Science” projects to identify individuals by their unique spot patterns on their bellies. The filmmakers document the efforts of scientists and conservationishts in Indonesia like Elitza Germanov and Sarah Lewis (Indonesian Manta Project/Manta Trust), who are working tirelessly to save these beautiful animals from extinction.

Producer: The Jetlagged
Writer: Claudia Schmitt
Interview Partners: Elitza Germanov
Interview Partners: Sarah Lewis
Interview Partners: Gary Stokes
Interview Partners: Jo Marlow