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The Potion

Director: Gabriela Martínez Garza
Country of Origin: Mexico

A group of animals from the Catazajá lagoon will face the threat of pollution and will have to use their intelligence and solidarity to protect their environment.


“The Pócima” has the purpose of teaching and raising awareness about respect for the environment through children’s feelings and concern for their environment. A short film made with the participation of 26 children from the town Loma Bonita, Catazajá, Chiapas and by professionals of the cinema world.

Director Biography:

Creative director and filmmaker with more than 15 years of experience as Creative Director (Mexico, Spain and Italy), alternating this work with his passion for stop-motion animation film, Founder of: Miraa! lo que te voy a contar, itinerant film production workshop that brings together the artistic work of children and film professionals.

Director Gabriela Martínez Garza Director Gabriela Martínez Garza Key Cast: Joselin Rojas Balboa and Manuel Eduardo López Ramírez
Producer: Eliceo Sosa Hernandez
Writers: Rodrigo Eliceo Aban, Sosa Carlos Andrés, Aban Sosa Osiris, Abigail Balboam, Grijalva Monserrat, Morales Guzmán, María Fernanda, Díaz Díaz Rodi, Jancovick Díaz, Vázquez Salin, Domínguez Sosa, Jesús Alín, Juan Luis, Hernández Veleta, Karen Montserrat, Pérez López Vasti, Ariana Pérez López, Joselin Rojas, Balboa Dulce, Amalia Rojas, Balboa Angeli Sosa, Vázquez Ivonne, Vázquez Flores, Larissa Vázquez, VázquezAlejandra, Varela López, Carolina Varela, López Rosalinda, Martínez Vázquez, Ana Luz López, López Marta Edith, Sosa Vázquez, Carolina Cardeño, Morales Hamilton, Guzmán Vázquez, Manuel Eduardo and López Ramírez