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Our all-access VIP pass provides full access to all film screenings including opening night film + party at the Bacara ($75 value), panels, parties, VIP passholder and filmmaker lounge, and more!

*All VIP Passholders are eligible for exclusive festival pricing at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara of $299 per night + taxes & fees. Must purchase a pass to receive this exclusive rate.


at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara Santa Barbara
6:30pm - 11pm

* Included with purchase of a VIP Pass

Come kick off the festival with a screening of WILD WATERS documenting female kayaker Nouria Newman, followed by an opening night party with live music, drinks, appetizers, and more!



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‘Best of the Fest’ $25

3pm - 9pm
Los Olivos, CA
at The Grange in Los Olivos

Join us at The Grange in Los Olivos for a one day highlight of NatureTrack Film Festival’s best films!

Attention All You Outdoor Advocates

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Full descriptions for each film will be available in the festival program soon


Sat 10/7
11:30 am

Shorts Block 1

Screen 1 / 1hr 21min

Caiçara (Brazil)
Beaufort Legacy (France)
Sentient Souvenirs (USA) (Student Film)
Range Rider + Q&A (USA)

Sat 10/7
11:45 am

Until the Last Drop

Screen 2 / 1hr 09min
Sat 10/7
1:15 pm

Shorts Block 2

Screen 2 / 1hr 18min

Rocks 4 Sale! + Q&A (USA) 
Ice Merchants (Portugal)
La Cosecha (USA)
good boy (USA)

Sat 10/7​
1:20 pm

Out There: A National Parks Story

+ Q&A
Screen 1 / 1hr 10min
Sat 10/7
3:10 pm

My Alaskan Journey

Screen 1 / 1hr 01min
Sat 10/7
3:15 pm

Shorts Block 3

Screen 2 / 1hr 11min

Synchronism + Q&A (USA)
The Little Fox of Limuw + Q&A (USA)
Creatures of the Kaleidoscope (UK) (Student Film)
A Baffin Vacation (USA)
The Oyster Farmer (USA)

Sat 10/7
4:50 pm

Shorts Block 4

Screen 2 / 1hr 23min

I’m Looking Forward to Joining You + Q&A (USA) (Student Film)
The Water Flows Always + Q&A (USA)
Fifth Tide (Germany)
The Wintering Grounds (USA)

Sat 10/7​
5:00 pm

The Way of the Cheetah

Screen 1 / 46min

Wish I Were There (UK)
The Way of the Cheetah (South Africa)

Sat 10/7​
6:45 pm

Peak Season

Screen 1 / 1hr 22min
Sat 10/7​
7:00 pm

Wild Waters (2nd screening)

Screen 2 / 1hr 25min


Sun 10/8
11:30 am

Paved Paradise

Screen 1 / 1hr 30min
Sun 10/8
11:35 am

Shorts Block 5

Screen 2 / 1hr 13min

Where the Sun Always Shines (UK)
The Awakening of the Vietnamese Elephant (Vietnam)
Love (USA)
Between Earth and Sky (USA)

Sun 10/8
1:20 pm

Shorts Block 6

Screen 2 / 1hr 15min

Ocean Minded + Q&A (USA) (Student Film)
Dot (Iran)
My Neighbour is a Bear (UK) (Student Film)
Resistance Climbing + Q&A (USA)

Sun 10/8
1:30 pm

Hudson River Wild

+ Q&A
Screen 1 / 56min

Remove Hind Legs Before Consumption (Switzerland) (Student Film)
Hudson River Wild (Austria)

Sun 10/8
3:05 pm

Epic Bill

+ Q&A
Screen 1 / 1hr 21min
Sun 10/8
3:15 pm

Shorts Block 7

Screen 2 / 1hr 20min

All Among the Bison (Canada)
Diagonal (USA) (Student Film)
Learning to Condor + Q&A (USA)
Polers of the Okavango (UK)

Sun 10/8
5:00 pm

Big Wave Guardians

Screen 1 / 1hr 31min
Sun 10/8
5:10 pm

Cactus Hotel

Screen 2 / 1hr 10min

Stranded + Q&A (USA) (Student)
Cactus Hotel (Germany)