Director: Garrett Martin
Country of Origin: United States

An unaided crew of four young travelers encounter dense forests, snow-capped mountains, active volcanoes and barren deserts, as they spend four months following the route of the ‘Greater Patagonian Trail’, the longest continual trail network in South America. As they immerse themselves in the history and culture of this extraordinary region, they discover the beauty, volatility and fragility of the Patagonian landscapes.

Garrett Martin is the owner of VentureLife Films and the visionary behind Unbounded. This is his second feature documentary, with his first, Beyond Travel, winning international awards. Garrett’s passion lies in telling creative stories through adventures and contributing to protecting the environment through his films.

Producer: Garrett Marting
Producer: Aljoscha Adam
Editor: Summer Simpson
Cinematography: Garrett Martin
Cinematography: Aljoscha Adam