Wild Hope

Director: Dave Devine
Director: Suez Jacobson
Country of Origin: United States

Flickering points of light spilling out of the sky’s black bowl. The barely audible skitter of insects in the shadows of towering sandstone cliffs. The wonder of a delicate spider web. Wild Hope tells the story of our deep spiritual connection to the natural world, a connection that has the power to rewire our brains, take us back to our deepest roots, and change how we think and act in a world that needs our care.

This short documentary film combines personal story, research, science, and passion in a unique mix to inspire viewers to protect wild ecosystems against an unrelenting materialistic culture that’s producing social malaise and an uninhabitable planet.

Suez Jacobson Suez Jacobson Dave Devine Dave Devine Wild Hope Producer: Suez Jacobson
Writer: Suez Jacobson
Key Cast: Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Rose Macario, Jamie Williams, Kathleen Dean Moore, Tim Kasser, Shelley Silbert, Lisi Krall, Rose Chilcoat, George Monbiot, Lexi Ruskin, and Jennifer Stellar.